Agile Workforce: Reduce the Squish Without Feeling the Pinch

“Sometimes the best way to find out how much squish people have in their workload is just to reduce the size of the team and see what doesn’t get done.” 

It may sound crazy but can you think of a better way?  Maybe we can help.  Consider this real world example:

A Company found its headcount increasing every year and noticed that the additional roles didn’t directly drive increased sales or revenue.  They also felt that there was still valuable work to be done that they couldn’t achieve. How could they find better balance?

The Company realized the need to think differently about its approach to resourcing in order to manage overhead costs and accomplish its goals.  With help of an Advisor, the Company designed a compelling roadmap for talent development that was both motivating for the employees and aligned to the goals of the Company.

The Company compiled a list of the manual tasks that employees disliked and added no value for customers.  They used this list to drive continuous improvement projects to reduce time spent on those activities, employ technologies to automate them, or eliminate them entirely.  They re-aligned roles to simplify and automate work and mapped the reduction of those roles to natural attrition.

They collaborated with Advisors that provided insights to best-in-class practices which helped them do a gap analysis of the capabilities & technologies they needed to accomplish their vision. 

Large black boot squishing a brown egg
Agile Workforce: Reducing The Squish Without Feeling The Pinch

They were able to leverage the headcount made available by work simplifications to bring-on new capabilities while managing overhead costs.

By simplifying work and leveraging temporary resources to help with projects and initiatives, the Company was able to increase the skills and capabilities of their workforce to accommodate 10% growth over the next year without increasing their employee costs. 

Waypost Advisors can be the extra capacity that you need, when you need it.  We bring skills and experience to help you build new capabilities, and extra capacity when you’re driving new endeavors.  We help you keep your fixed costs low and still accomplish your big dreams for your small to medium-market business.

This is the experience our Advisors can bring you. 

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